African Bespoke Suits

Custom Tailored by Raphaël Mukendi

At Raphaël M we work closely with our clients, tailor making suits that fit them impeccably using imported fabrics including; superwool, cashmere and silk form Italy, London, France and the United States.  


Our Process

Our Process starts with the client selecting the fabric and style he desires and then moves on to a key step in our process where we take the client’s measurements. We then cut and join the garment and move on to the 1st fitting where the client tries on the shell of the suit for the first time. Critical to the process are the adjustments made at this point in order to perfect the fit for the client’s body. We then take the suit back to our offices in order to complete the bespoke suit and present to the client. 

The choice is simple. Ask yourself if you’re worth a hand crafted, custom fit, bespoke suit using a system designed to help clients participate in the process of making their own suits by choosing the fabric and the style – all at the hands of master tailor Raphaël Mukendi.


About Raphaël

Raphaël Mukendi grew up in the small town of Shiala in the DRC under the shadow of a master tailor who happened to be his father. Even though he got a degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in civil engineering he couldn’t resist the pull back to working with fabrics and designing tailor made suits. In 2006 he made the move to Johannesburg, South Africa because of its reputation as “THE” fashion hub in Africa. After paying his dues under the stewardship of a few companies as a tailor in residence he ventured out on his own in 2010 and started his own label RAPHAËL M. Since starting the company he has designed suits for some of South Africa’s top celebrities being featured in magazines and on Television.



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